Friday, March 27, 2009

Backstage with Miss Barbados

Here are some backstage photos from the interview I filmed with In De Shade Productions.
Click below for the trailer about the pageant...
Miss Barbados Trailer
Thanks again to David and Joy for your time and talents!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bajan Brawl before the Grammys

Did Chris Brown really think he could scuffle with a Bajan woman and get away with it? I think not! Details are still unclear but it is alleged that R&B star Chris Brown has been charged with felony domestic violence after reportedly assaulting his former girlfriend and our beloved, Barbados-born pop princess, Rihanna.

I'd hate to jump to conclusions without all of the facts, however putting your hands on ANY woman in a forceful manner is a definite deal-breaker. Rihanna has refused to press charges or aid investigators which leads one to believe there is much more to the story. Although being Miss Barbados Heritage leaves me quite biased to the situation, I will wait for more details before taking sides.

For those who witnessed my talent portion at the pageant in December, my comedic monologue was coincidentally titled "How to treat a Bajan Lady"- maybe Chris Brown needs a page out of that book!

Monday, December 29, 2008

First Newspapers, now TV- what's next?

The revolution WILL be televised! Okay that's only true if by revolution you mean 'Miss Barbados fighting for increased awareness of Bajan-American culture to the masses.'
Last night, David Watson along with Joy and Neil Halloway, visited my mother's house in Canarsie to interview me on camera. The footage will be used along with pictures from my childhood and pageant moments for a 30-minute show produced for Bajan televison.
My Dad and family in Barbados are going to flip when they see it! Stay tuned....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

One Moment in Time...

I am still in shock at winning the title but so incredibly grateful! My mom just called from work to say that she saw me in Caribbean Life and went screaming through the halls. She works in a hospital so that might not have been the best place for her reaction, but I completely understand how she feels :=)